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AESC’s cloud-based Praxis platform helps utilities, energy consultants, trade allies and customers simply and cost effectively navigate and analyze energy management opportunities for a site or portfolio of buildings. With its suite of easy-to-use, integrated and customizable tools, calculators and applications, Praxis provides stakeholders just the right information needed – at the right level of accuracy required – at each phase of project development, implementation and evaluation.

Praxis is a comprehensive customer engagement platform taking the user through the complete lifecycle of an energy project; from project scoping to modeling, to reporting, and performance verification. Our platform website describes this vision in more detail. Our platform website describes this vision in more detail.

The energy project lifecycle requires 360 degrees of engagement. Praxis enables a streamlined approach for developing and conducting audits by linking functionality between scoping opportunities, performing modeling calculations, generating customer-facing reports automatically, and all while following industry standards such as ASHRAE Guideline 14 and IPMVP.

AESC’s software practice began in 1996 to deliver custom tools for public utilities incentive programs and to fulfill energy engineering calculation needs for a variety of clients. Today our software and web-based solutions continue to support automated online application tools for utilities and has expanded to cover a wide variety of energy efficiency topics including HVAC, motors, air compressors, VSDs, boilers, oxidizers, lighting, controls, cold storage doors, injection molding, tank insulation, wastewater, drip tape, pump off controllers, and more. We excel at tailoring software solutions to meet specific utility needs, whether it be updates for regulatory compliance, systems integrations, data security, or accessibility.

Developed in collaboration with the California Solar Initiative, the CSI-EBPP solar calculator helps users determine the Design Factor and the resulting incentives for proposed solar systems.

The free calculator can be accessed here.

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Our suite of cloud-based energy analysis software, perfect for both technical and non-technical users.

Triad Chart - JC-09
Triad M&V Tool

Triad offers our most comprehensive methodology for delivering defensible and decisive measurements of energy savings.

Web-based Energy Tools for Duke Energy

AESC has delivered the most recent iteration of software tools for the Duke Energy custom incentive programs, utilizing Praxis- AESC’s custom software platform.