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Since 1999, we have executed emerging energy efficiency technology studies for all major California investor-owned utilities. These projects, which included individual case studies and large-scale field trials, have helped determine the overall market potential of key energy efficiency technologies such as HVAC controls, HVAC maintenance protocols, motor designs, plug controls, new refrigeration applications, lighting upgrades, and pumping systems. Our experience as emerging technology researchers enables us to provide a refined technical competence in experimental design, data collection, statistical modeling, and econometric analysis.

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We believe in the future of a smart grid and passionately provide services that help manage the transactive control of local behind-the-meter load, implement strategic tariff structures, and ensure new technologies get an unbiased assessment as they make their way into the market. Currently, our research and planning services are helping lead the way in the California Energy Commission’s Smart Home Study.

An increase in extreme events across the nation means a lack of energy security for utility customers, causing major outages in some areas. Outages occur for various reasons, including proactive utility shutdowns, yet customers need ways to stay powered through emergencies. Working with utilities and their customers, AESC helps assess, plan, and recommend resiliency solutions, allowing power supply to shift to alternate energy sources. With automated software and on-site assessments, we provide insights and recommendations that cost-effectively coordinate solar, storage, smart device controls, EVs, and supplemental generation to make sure that critical buildings and processes are prioritized.

We have been working with utilities, municipalities, and regulatory bodies for years, helping to build the foundation for the rapid growth of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). Let us help your service territory maximize the benefits of ZEV infrastructure integration and strategic load management. With our utility-specific readiness plans, marketing recommendations, rate assessment, and expert network of advisors we are uniquely qualified to support a seamless ZEV integration.

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Distributed Energy Resource Management

As DER Solutions Integrators, we take a proactive approach to managing the complex world of today’s Distributed Energy Resources.

Transportation Electrification

We help clients maximize the benefits while minimizing the risks associated with the ever-changing electric vehicle market.

Emerging Technology Studies

Our emerging technology evaluations have helped widen the scope for utility programs.