Alternative Energy Systems Consulting, Inc.

RAPIDS accelerates wastewater energy management

The PG&E RAPIDS Program is no longer accepting new project applications.  For more ways that AESC can support you, please see our Announcements page.

An Innovative Approach

What Sets Us Apart

We offer enabling incentives for engineering services, and sub-metering. We also support On-bill Financing (OBF) efforts.

We specialize in biology, chemistry, process design, maintenance reliability, risk mitigation, and system engineering.

Our approach helps identify O&M savings and planning sooner, making it easier to plan out longer term capital projects.

How Does RAPIDS Work?

RAPIDS accelerates wastewater energy management solutions using three foundational services.


Risk Assessment

Opportunities for optimization are considered in terms of risk, risk avoidance, and risk mitigation. We focus on your mission critical objectives and enhance reliability through energy.


Process Improvement

Process improvements are individually analyzed and chosen based on their reliability, visibility, control, and energy performance.


Decision Support

We help your team analyze risks and benefits of energy options to enable and accelerate agency decision making and approvals.

Simplified Energy Management

Comprehensive Energy Plans that Meet Your Needs

Water treatment isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Our team develops Energy Action Plans, continuous energy improvements, and phased capital project schedules tailored to your specific needs.


This energy efficiency program is funded by California utility customers and administered through PG&E under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. The program is implemented and managed by AESC, Inc. and their authorized representatives. “PG&E” is a registered trademark of PG&E Corporation. PG&E is not responsible for any other content, names or marks in these program materials.