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PRAXIS is a cloud-based software platform for managing energy projects and programs

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Energy Management Made Simple

Praxis is a cloud-based software platform that helps utilities, energy consultants, service providers, and customers simply and cost effectively navigate energy management opportunities. With its suite of easy-to-use, integrated tools, Praxis provides stakeholders just the right information needed – at the right level of accuracy required – at each project phase.


Praxis helps you manage multiple data streams and efficiently deliver on energy efficiency goals.

Manage a Portfolio of Buildings

Upload utility data files to benchmark, target and track building performance against goals over time.

Praxis allows you to benchmark your portfolio against Energy Star, California Commercial End-Use Survey, Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey, DOE Building Performance Database, or a custom data set. Track actual achieved savings against building or portfolio goals as you implement projects and identify low-performing buildings and explore energy optimization measures.

Analyze Utility Bill Data

Utilize Green Button Connect to access and upload utility bill data. View any energy profile against weather or time to identify potential optimization opportunities.

Perform Measure Modeling

Explore versatile energy modeling options for commercial and industrial measures.

Model comprehensive whole building commercial energy measures with accurate, hourly results in a fraction of the time it would take in other modeling platforms. Estimate gas, electric, water and greenhouse gas savings in one platform.

Commercial Measures

Lighting, HVAC, Refrigeration

Industrial and Process Measures

Fans, Pumps, Compressed Air, Refrigeration

Renewables and Resiliency

Solar PV, Battery Storage, Combined Heat and Power

Export Reports and Proposals

Export audit reports, customer proposals, program applications and other outputs using existing or customized templates.

Perform M&V and Track Savings

Verify actual energy savings using industry standard M&V methodologies.

  • Key Parameter Measurement
  • Normalized meter-based savings that account for independent variables and non-routine events (CalTrack compliant)
  • Calibrated simulation


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