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Praxis Features and Benefits

Technology is evolving, energy management is evolving,

and Praxis is evolving with them.



Pre-configured models reduce user inputs and standardizes complex calculations


Cloud environment adheres to rigorous utility data controls


Process streamlines utility review and increases accuracy


Expandable platform allows additional tools or modules


Custom configurations for branding, inputs, measures, reports, etc.

Precise & Transparent

Consistent, reliable results, backed by sensible engineering

Scoping Tools

Energy Audits and Reporting

Praxis enables a streamlined approach for conducting audits by linking functionality between scoping opportunities, performing project calculations, and generating automated reports.

Benchmarking and Utility Bill Analysis

Praxis can accommodate automated or manual uploads of building energy use data, with which the tool can run quick comparisons of the site against similar buildings and run quick analysis on utility bills. Note- more detailed analytics can be performed with the adjacent modeling and verification tools.

Project Scoping

Praxis can be used on a mobile device to be more conducive to working on site to take equipment inventories, make high-level project recommendations, and generate automated customer-facing reports.

Building Portfolio Analytics

Praxis enables the identification of anomalies in energy use as well as nearly automated recommendations for retrofit improvements based on billing history and basic building characteristics. Building level data can quickly be rolled up to the portfolio level for broader analysis.

Modeling Tools

Whole Building Energy Modeling – HVAC and Lighting

Praxis entails a whole building modeling calculation engine with 8760 hourly data capabilities, selectable climate zones, and baseline code conditions.

Solar and Energy Storage

A special tool in the modeling module calculates equipment sizing for solar and energy storage projects including financial analysis. The tool also generates a project proposal for the end-use customer.

Industrial Fans, Pumps, and Compressed Air

In addition to HVAC and lighting, Praxis tools accommodate the most common measures found in commercial and industrial environments.


The refrigeration tool in Praxis models complex commercial and industrial refrigeration systems and streamlines full custom measure recommendations beyond the standard retrofitting of compressors, condensers, and evaporators.

Reporting Tools


The modeling and scoping modules include integrated reporting that utility customers use to submit incentive and rebate applications. For energy consultants and program managers, the report templates can be customized to meet program requirements.

Automatic Report Generation

Supporting the audit and scoping modules, customer-facing reports are automatically generated upon a simple click of the button. Report formats are customized based on user requirements, and can be delivered in any Microsoft application (MS Word, Excel, etc.) or PDF format.

Customer Platform

The suite of Praxis tools “lives” on a central website. The AESC team can build one URL to house program information, messages, tools, reports, and other critical information, making the website a hub for utility program customers, trade allies, and program staff.

CRM Integration

Praxis can integrate with a client’s existing CRM, somewhat application dependent. Customer data can be linked to existing records in another cloud location.

Verification Tools

Normalized Metered Energy Consumption (NMEC)

NMEC is used as a calculation and verification method in performance-based programs where  accurate baseline development, precise data, and clear and transparent energy monitoring is required. The Praxis NMEC tool fulfills these requirements and follows industry standards such as ASHRAE Guideline 14 and IPMVP to develop whole building meter-based savings.

Triad M&V Tool

Triad is a module within Praxis that was built on the premise that utilizing multiple validation pathways simultaneously (IPMVP options C, D and A/B) will result in optimally accurate results. The approach merges industry standard methodologies to deliver defensible and decisive measurements of energy savings. Learn more about Triad.

SEM Performance Tracking Tool

Praxis tools make the modeling required for Strategic Energy Management easy and much more cost-effective than common alternative approaches. Direct from applications in the Northwest and California programs, the Praxis SEM tool helps the modeler select the correct parameters, helps the customer visualize and act on results, and provides the utility with clear defensible savings.

Solar Plant Production Monitoring

The Praxis solar plant module enables real-time monitoring of deployed systems, and provides the customer of system owner alerts of anomalies or failures.

Praxis Customers



Utilities can use Praxis as a client-facing application to let their customers determine which retrofit opportunities would deliver the most energy savings and which incentives they are eligible for. Utility customers can find and apply for relevant rebates without leaving the program.


Service Providers

Service providers, such as energy management companies and HVAC contractors, can use Praxis to perform full-building audits to determine which actions will produce the greatest energy savings. Then, Praxis allows them to model those solutions. At project completion, Praxis allows for measurement and verification for project validation and the discovery of ongoing efficiency opportunities.



Energy engineers and facilities managers can use Praxis to perform facility scoping assessments. This allows them to observe any opportunity, quickly track it and then automatically create an actionable report that can help troubleshoot in real time and easily reference and catalog important data points.


Energy Consultants

Run programs better. Praxis helps program implementers cost-effectively navigate and analyze energy management opportunities for a site or portfolio of buildings. Praxis can be a program hub or customer platform with program information, calculation tools, reporting tools, messages and forms, all in one place.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“What’s neat about Praxis is that it handles many types of energy projects. In addition, it is quick and easy to use. As opposed to building a custom energy model, it requires only a few key inputs to run the simulation.”

“Thanks for all the support and I am finding Praxis a very helpful tool and I see a lot of potential for its use in supporting our various teams in selling and implementing energy projects.”