Program Highlight: Market Access Program

AESC is Lead Implementer for PG&E’s Market Access Program (MAP)- an innovative program that funds projects that are energy efficient and reduce peak energy loads, with a focus on mitigating capacity shortages of the electric grid. MAP pays incentives to customers that are much higher than traditional utility programs, and based on actualized grid impacts. We invite you to explore more about the benefits of MAP.

Promoting a Clean Energy Future

Our comprehensive services are designed to support utilities, municipalities, public agencies and businesses and their residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities.



AESC’s expertise in energy efficiency, renewable energy, peak load management, and grid resiliency, enables the deployment of energy saving projects, programs, and technologies.



AESC tests, analyzes, and documents new and innovative technologies that enhance our customers’ efficiency and productivity.



AESC’s software team excels at developing customized software solutions to meet specific client needs.



AESC provides comprehensive support for IDSM programs- from technical project review to program design and implementation.

Ask an Expert!

Are you ready to speak with us about clean energy solutions? Are you interested in technical project support, program design, or energy modeling? We’re here to help. Just click the button below and send us a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Developing Innovative Solutions

Our mission is to develop innovative engineering, software and management solutions to promote a clean energy future. To this end, take a look at what we’re doing right now:

Virtual Power Plant Project

AESC and SDG&E’s Emerging Technologies are investigating virtual power plants and their potential to further modernize the grid.

Demand Response Strategies for Wastewater Facilities

AESC’s load management tool for water and wastewater managers makes decisions about demand response strategies easy.

Energy Resiliency Planning

AESC provides building level or portfolio-wide energy assessments and feasibility studies to help organizations plan, design, and implement energy resiliency strategies.

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