Engineering Sustainability

Our comprehensive services are designed to support utilities, regulators, municipalities, schools and private enterprises and their residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities.



AESC’s expertise in energy efficiency, renewable energy, peak load management, and grid resiliency, enables the deployment of energy saving projects, programs, and technologies.



AESC tests, analyzes, and documents new and innovative technologies that enhance our customers’ efficiency and productivity.



AESC’s software team excels at developing customized software solutions to meet specific client needs.



AESC provides comprehensive support for IDSM programs- from technical project review to program design and implementation.

Ask an Expert!

Are you ready to speak with an AESC engineer about an energy efficiency project or audit? Are you interested in program design and implementation? We’re here to help. Just click the button below and send us a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Technical Proficiency. Systems Expertise.

At AESC, we are committed to maintaining technical proficiency in modern energy systems. As developers and designers, we are always improving and expanding on our knowledge and capabilities in order to best serve our clients. Take a look at what we’re doing right now:

Aerial view of residential houses with solar panels

Advanced DER Technologies

AESC is leading the Smart Home Study, a demonstration of a DER management system that orchestrates battery storage, HVAC, solar PV, electric vehicles, and other loads

Transportation Electrification and ZEV Infrastructure

AESC helps utilities maximize the benefits and minimize the risks associated with the rapid growth of electric vehicles

Energy Resiliency Planning

AESC provides building level or portfolio-wide energy assessments and feasibility studies to help organizations plan, design, and implement energy resiliency strategies.

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