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What We Offer

For over 25 years we have provided energy engineering services to utilities and their customers, performing over 10,000 site and equipment inspections for utility customer incentives and completing a wide range of audit types—from quick energy surveys to comprehensive ASHRAE Level 3 audits. Our team of engineers are formally trained in all major engineering institutions including the AEE, ASHRAE, USGBC, and many others.

Every year we perform over 200 energy and water audits, over 500 project and equipment verifications, and over 2000 engineering calculation reviews. Our experience affords us with a profound knowledge of policy, regulatory, and measure requirements along with a comprehensive understanding of industry standard practices and energy code. AESC engineers are formally trained and certified in energy auditing, including AEE’s Certified Energy Auditor and ASHRAE’s Building Energy Modeling Professional. Beyond these formal certifications, AESC engineers have been performing ASHRAE Level I, II and III audits and creating actionable plans for customers for over 20 years.

The team understands that audits alone do not generate energy or cost savings. A successful energy audit establishes customer trust, generates their interest and provides the knowledge necessary to take the next steps in implementing future projects and participating in energy efficiency programs.

We are experts in M&V. With multiple Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVPs), we have developed, reviewed, and implemented thousands of M&V plans at customer sites. We bring our mastery of ASHRA Guideline 14 and IPMVP protocols to every project, including projects for Strategic Energy Management (SEM) initiatives and customized programs that require Normalized Metered Energy Consumption (NMEC) methodologies. Recently, we have compiled our decades of M&V experience to create a one of a kind M&V software platform known as Triad. Learn more about Triad and our other M&V software tools.

AESC’s credentialed commissioning professionals – Certified Building Commissioning Professionals and Existing Building Commissioning Professionals – together bring years of experience that directly support end-use customers, facility managers, and building owners through the optimization of building system energy performance. Our approach to RCx is strategic yet remains highly adaptable to the customer’s immediate operational needs. We work closely with schools, businesses, local governments, water and wastewater facilities, and office building tenants to tailor programs that maximize benefits.

AESC engineers and partners have the knowledge and experience to accurately assess and optimize the energy demand for any water/wastewater system, no matter how unique. We understand plants are intricate systems of interdependent processes and that equipment improvements must consider entire integrated facilities including bio-chemical aspects. That’s why we incorporate multiple aspects of a plant’s processes, including resource management, asset performance reliability, and infrastructure planning to every project, aligning operations, maintenance, and planning activities to meet tomorrow’s treatment challenges.

For single users or portfolio owners, we provide software tools and services to create benchmarks, track changes, and visualize energy improvement over time.

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Reduce operating costs with better equipment performance and reliability.

Energy Audits, ASHRAE Levels I, II, III

We conduct audits ranging from quick inspections to highly sophisticated and systematic methodologies.

Water/Wastewater Optimization

Minimize operating cost and capital expenditures with customized energy-saving measures.