AESC Program Expertise

Meter-Based Program Solutions

AESC offers turnkey program design, implementation and advanced M&V support for energy program administrators interested in deploying pay-for-performance, meter-based programs that advance energy efficiency, load management, electrification and demand response measures while targeting temporal grid impacts.  

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AESC's Meter-Based Program and Platform Capabilities

Whether you’re looking to deploy developer-driven programs, deep customer engagement programs, or something in between, AESC can provide turnkey expertise and support.

Program Design Support

Our team will work with you to design a program that targets specific customers, measures, and incentives that advance your specific energy, equity and grid-impact goals.

Program Infrastructure Setup

Existing program documents, tools, calculators, curriculum, processes, agreements, and M&V platforms can be quickly customized for your program, enabling a rapid program launch.

Direct Customer Engagement, Training and Technical Support

For direct customer engagement programs, AESC can provide customer targeting and recruitment, energy coaching, audit and RCx engineering services, strategic energy management training, and project implementation support.

Project Developer Recruitment and Management

We support engaging and enrolling aggregators and trade pros in your territory who can deliver projects that meet your program objectives. Our easy-to-use program tools and incentive calculators are designed to quickly target projects that deliver the greatest benefit.

Project Intake

We verify project eligibility, perform QA/QC on savings and impact forecasts, and reserves incentive funds.

Advanced Measurement and Verification (AM&V)

Our advanced M&V platform, Praxis, can normalize to weather or other key indicator variables at a site, utilizing a variety of industry-accepted M&V methods, depending on the desired customer participants, project types and program design.

Incentive Payments

AESC pays incentives to the project sponsor based on normalized measured grid impacts, based on incentive structure and payment timing determined in program design.

Forecasting and Reporting

AESC performs ongoing program impact and incentive forecasting, budget management, and program reporting for the administrator and any regulatory requirements.

Pay-for-performance, meter-based demand side management programs are designed to target and measure actual normalized hourly impacts of energy measures including energy efficiency, load shifting and event-based reductions, with incentives that can correlate directly to utility avoided costs.

Learn about the various ways AESC can support your goals with a custom, meter-based program: