Water Practice Case Study

Wastewater Plant Upgrades in the NE Bay Area


Total Cost Savings Identified
Proposed Savings (kWh)
Proposed Savings (Therms)

Main Problems

  1. Lighting
  2. HVAC
  3. Pumping equipment
  4. Compressed air


Plant Type

Primary Treatment
(Flocculation and Sedimentation)

Plant Size (MGD)


The AESC team was invited to this drinking water treatment facility to perform a detailed integrated energy audit on behalf of PG&E. AESC was tasked with identifying and quantifying energy efficiency, load management, and demand response measures. These efforts were developed into a detailed report which included associated savings, project cost, and available incentives for a number of potential projects including lighting controls, LED retrofits, compressed air retrofit, electric resistance heater replacement, and a gas engine replacement.

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