Water Practice Case Study

Wastewater Plant in Central Coastal California


Total Cost Savings Identified
Proposed Savings (kWh)
Proposed Savings (kW)
Proposed Savings (Therms)

Main Problems

  1. Inefficient performance of trickling filter
  2. Inefficient operation of digester leading to excessive natural gas purchases to augment biomethane
  3. Critical pump station electrical system failures


Plant Type

Trickling Filter

Plant Size (MGD)


The AESC team identified eight energy efficiency and load shifting measures that would reduce energy demand and consumption, provide increased flexibility to meet performance objectives, improve process reliability, and enhance control of the plant. The plant optimization included a gas blending system installation to allow for a reduction in natural gas grid purchases by approximately 20% and full utilization of digester biogas. Phase 2 measures will reduce power by another 25% and are in the planning phases.

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