John Clint

Director, Distributed Energy Resources

Mr. Clint has over 30 years of combined experience as a Senior Program Manager/Senior Engineer Analyst, executing research and developing engineering solutions in the energy field, and as a Senior System Engineer, directing the planning, design, development and installation of large-scale, multi-level software systems.

Over the past 16 years at AESC, John has led numerous energy engineering, technology research and software development efforts. Mr. Clint has managed demand side management, distributed energy resource, advanced energy storage, renewable energy and regulatory programs, performing assessment, design and implementation. John has evaluated many energy and transportation systems, including HVAC, advanced lighting, fuel cells, transportation electrification, diesel emissions, CNG vehicles, cool storage systems, cogeneration, compressed air, thermal oxidizers and others.

Prior to joining AESC, John worked as a Senior Systems Engineer at SAIC and its subsidiary, TransCore. John’s main tasks at SAIC included analysis and research of fuel cells, TES systems, energy efficiency technologies, alternative energy systems and electric vehicles. At TransCore, he performed as a Systems Engineer for development of the Dulles Toll Road and the Powhite Parkway Express. John was lead Systems Engineer on the Crescent City Connections Divisions Toll Road project.

John earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems at San Diego State University.