Allison Bially



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With over 25 years of experience in program management, design, implementation, and consulting. Managing clients, projects and programs since 1996, Allison has been in the energy industry since 2006. She is adept at creating clear goals and objectives at the outset of a project, making necessary course corrections to ensure optimal outcomes, and motivating teams to perform to the best of their ability. She excels in establishing a common vision for multiple stakeholders and working in a partnership-oriented fashion with customers, contractors, vendors and clients.

Allison directs the implementation of programs across the organization by coordinating with utility and facility customers, establishing processes and procedures, and working with AESC’s program management team to ensure programs meet or exceed goals, expectations, and budget requirements. Current and previous AESC program oversight include PG&E’s Market Access Program, RAPIDS – a wastewater treatment plant-focused third-party program, and the California Statewide IOU State of California program – both as third-party implementer (State of California Energy Strategy and Support program) and as Program Administrative Manager. In addition, Ms. Bially leads up AESC’s Energy Resiliency Planning Support services. Allison closely collaborates with internal AESC and utility teams to support all elements of program delivery to ensure both positive outcomes and positive experiences.