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AESC selected to deliver Silicon Valley Power Strategic Energy Management and Electrification Program

The City of Santa Clara’s municipal power agency, Silicon Valley Power (SVP), has selected AESC to implement a new strategic energy management (SEM) and electrification program targeting a cohort of K-12 and higher education campuses, community-based organizations, and public sector facilities. AESC’s SEM program augments SVP’s current energy efficiency (EE) programs through a comprehensive design that will support participants by establishing an organizational culture around continuous improvement in energy and carbon reduction.

The three-year program delivers workshop-style training to a cohort of participants and individualized technical and organizational assistance and coaching. The AESC team provides technical support for EE, electrification, and resiliency strategy. The team will use Praxis, AESC’s energy software platform, to create meter-based normalized energy models and measure energy impacts. Participants will engage with Praxis to view dynamic charts and graphs to track energy performance over time.  

The program enables the City of Santa Clara to lead by example in implementing actions to meet goals in the city’s Climate Action Plan, including targets to achieve a 40% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030 and prepare for community resilience while also lowering energy spend in school and government facilities.

AESC brings ten years of SEM and meter-based program delivery experience and 30 years of deep engineering, program, and policy expertise across energy efficiency, renewables, electrification, load management, and emerging technologies. The program builds on AESC’s extensive portfolio of work supporting state and local governments in meeting energy and decarbonization goals, including the company’s flagship offering for public agencies in California, the State of California Energy Strategy and Support (SOC ESS) Program.

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