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Technology & Market Assessments Services

AESC provides a full complement of technical and management services that help energy investors identify and evaluate energy technology targets of opportunity. Growing energy demand, aging infrastructure and the availability of new technologies all contribute to a climate of increasing opportunities for the deployment of new power generation, energy distribution and innovative end-use energy technologies.

Knowledgeable investors (e.g., utilities, regulators, government agencies and venture capitalists) leverage these opportunities through strategic technology development, market incentive designs and orderly product introduction. AESC engineers assist private and public agencies in all phases of investment project development.

Some examples of AESC’s energy technology assessment services include:

Opportunity Surveying & Screening

For those investors interested in identifying potential technology targets, AESC uses proprietary methods to survey and screen technologies. In doing so, AESC considers the objectives of each investor to achieve maximum results.

Technology Feasibility Assessment

For specific technologies, AESC performs a complete technology assessment uncovering not only problem areas, but also unforeseen value. We work with technology developers in a process known as “Technology Scrubbing”, which highlights technology capabilities and limitations.

Economic Evaluation

Many promising technologies can be market-limited by high price. AESC conducts detailed examinations and testing of cost forecast elements for targeted technologies. This analysis assesses the potential of the developer or manufacturer to reach cost targets within the development time frame.

Technology Demonstration

Proof of concept or field demonstration of an energy technology is essential in establishing potential market value. AESC provides unequaled expertise in the design and execution of field demonstrations of advanced end-use and power-generation technologies.

Market Studies

Before investing in a technology, investors must first understand its market viability. Challenges in the energy industry open new doors and raise interest in energy efficiency, renewable and smart metering. AESC’s market analyses determine the appropriate application for a technology and provide essential information on estimated size, growth and competition.

Technology Progress Verification

For those who have already invested in a particular technology, AESC provides monitoring and reporting services during the transition from product development to commercial rollout, thereby reducing risk through early warning and remedy action.

Technology & Market Assessment Projects