The “Agents for Renewables” Project was successfully completed in June 2011.¬†This project is the latest of three successful California Energy Commission funded projects involving the use of AESC’s intelligent software agent technology.

In the first two projects intelligent software agents were successfully used to manage the operation of distributed energy resources (DER) in response to dynamic electric rates. The overall objective of this latest intelligent agent based project was to demonstrate that applying agent technology could expand the potential delivery of renewable energy through integration with storage technology and improved management of existing transmission facilities. More specifically, the project objective was to address increased delivery of wind generation resources located in the Tehachapi wind resource area in California.


During the project, the project team successfully developed and subsequently demonstrated a system over a ten week period that:

  • Operated autonomously to gather SCE SCADA information on Tehachapi area substransmission system assets
  • Forecasted local wind generation
  • Developed recommendations for area capacitor bank operation using a Bayesian Belief Network
  • Developed flywheel storage system operating commands
  • Implemented the resulting storage system operating commands via communication with an AESC agent attached to a Beacon Power Corporation flywheel storage system installed in the region.

Successful integration of renewable resources into the evolving California “Smart Grid” is essential to California’s continued leadership in adopting renewable energy resources. This successful project represents an important step in demonstrating the important role that intelligent agent technology can play in that process.

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